Tasty Tuesday: Amazing Grapes

J. Johnson | littlelakecounty.com | 2015

The conversation went like this: “Mom, there are these new things, cotton candy grapes, I need…” To be honest, my reply went something like, “the county fair was last month….” End of discussion. Little did I know that a BuzzFeed Cotton Candy Grapes Taste Test video by Grapery had turned my teenage boy on to something amazing. Later in the week, he spotted a tasting station at a local grocery store.  We tasted some grapes and promptly bought some to take home. And they are curiously delicious.

Cotton Candy grapes are not “Frankenfood.” These green grapes are non-GMO and California-grown, and are the result of years of innovative cultivating and breeding techniques.  The resulting produce is plump, juicy and distinctly sweet. If you close your eyes, you can really hone into the cotton candy flavor of this delicious fruit.

J. Johnson | littlelakecounty.com | 2015

Both of my kids loved the grapes, and insisted that everyone who walked through our front door try some. Almost all of the kids who tasted the grapes thought they were great, and heartily devoured more. Adults were a bit skeptical, but those who tried them were impressed with this grape’s flavor profile.

By far, Cotton Candy grapes are much sweeter than the average green grape. I would go so far as to say they can easily satisfy a sweet tooth, which is great news in my house.  I’m very excited to have found something that is naturally extra-sweet, non-GMO and can be counted toward one of those recommended five or more servings of fruits and vegetables each day.  And the kids keep asking for more.

J. Johnson | littlelakecounty.com | 2015

Cotton Candy grapes can be found at local Lake County Jewel and Mariano’s stores, as well as at The Fresh Market and Target.  But don’t wait too long to try and find Cotton Candy grapes—according to Grapery’s Availability Calendar, the Cotton Candy grapes are only available until about September 20th. So put them on your grocery list and have your own home taste test.  Your kids will be delighted to have a fun and naturally sweet treat in their school lunch.

What is your family’s favorite natural snack? Let us know in the comments below.


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