Tasty Tuesday: Go Roma in Glenview

There has been a recent media frenzy over a restaurant and its response to a toddler who was screaming for an elongated period of time.

As a parent to two littles, a former waitress and a food-lover, I can empathize with all sides. It is just plain stressful for everyone sometimes to take your kids out for real, good food. So how can we create a situation where everyone wins?

Good news. There is a solution.

go roma glenview
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On Wednesday, July 23rd, Go Roma, a fast casual Italian restaurant opened in Glenview called Go Roma. It’s Italian food with a heart, served in a flash.

What I loved about it:

  • The menu is extensive. It has something for every taste, including that of my 3 year old. He could have easily eaten off of my plate or had his own entire meal, drink included, for less than $5.
  • The food was delicious. It was also well presented. I mean, look at the combo plate that I ordered. A pear and walnut salad with pesto pasta. It came with a warm breadstick. The artisan flat-bread pizza came with many unique topping choices, such as goat cheese, caramelized onions, salami, sun-dried tomatoes and more. The menu also included many vegetarian and gluten-free options.
GoRoma Glenview
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  • Fast. The line moved fast. The food came out fast. This is great if you are stopping by for your lunch break or  trying to keep a 3 year old and a 10 month old entertained until food arrives. The wait was maybe 5 minutes, and my meal was piping hot (and I have a thing with food temperature. This was fabulous.)
  • The atmosphere was open and inviting. Even if my children were having a difficult time or running around like little goblins, I don’t think a single other patron or staff member would have batted an eye. There were plenty of high chairs and a contained outdoor seating area.
  • Speaking of the staff, they were so polite and patient and extremely knowledgeable of their menu, especially for opening day.
  • Price. With the high quality of the food, equal to your Olive Garden Italian restaurant, the price was right.
  • It is less than 4 miles from Kohl’s Children’s Museum, so it could be a great addition to your day’s itinerary for a kid-friendly visit to Glenview.

Just so you know:

  • Unfortunately, there is not a Go Roma in Lake County. This location and the Northbrook location are just south of the border in Cook County. There used to be one in Kildeer. I visited that location a few years ago and remember enjoying my meal. However, I learned that about a year ago the company changed hands, which accounts for the new look and style and increased quality of menu. However, they did choose to close the Kildeer location.

With quality food, kid-friendly atmosphere and close proximity to Kohl’s Childrens Museum, it is definitely worth the trip.

GoRoma Menu
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Go Roma – Glenview
81 Waukegan Rd. | 847-503-9200

Go Roma – Northbrok
3061 Dundee Rd. | 847-480-2000

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Disclosure: The writer received a complimentary meal in order to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received and all thoughts and opinions are her own. 

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