Tasty Tuesday Review: Tony Cannoli Mundelein

Nothing makes me happier than when I can satisfy my sweet tooth AND shop local. That’s why I’m in heaven.  Right down the street from my house in Mundelein is a new specialty pastry shop: Tony Cannoli.

tony cannoli mundellein
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The handwritten chalk menu is the first thing you see when you walk in. There is also a visual display if you prefer to shop with your eyes instead of your mind.  Several flavors of traditional sized cannoli, bite-sized cannoli and cannoli chips you can dip into the filling are also offered.

Indecisive in nature, I tried one traditional, one hazelnut and the talk of Facebook, the turtle cannoli. They were all amazing. I mean melt-in-your-mouth, jaw-dropping, Oh-My-God, AHHHHMMMMAZZZING. Tony Cannoli has won me over!

tony cannoli mundelein
Photo Credit: Tony Cannoli Facebook Page

Next time I’m picking up a bottle of limoncello with chips and cannoli dip for sure! Everything on the menu is calorie-free (well I don’t know that for sure, but I forgot to ask, so I’m improvising here, hey, don’t judge, as a writer I’m allowed some creative liberties in this article, right?).

If you need a break from the traditional flower pick-me-up or wine hostess gift, consider this new bakery! These specialty pastries would make a wonderful thank you for a friend, a sweet surprise for your loved one or a special treat just because it’s between 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday – Saturday, so why not?

tony cannoli mundelein
© C. Keegan | LittleLakeCounty.com | 2016

When I mentioned I’d like to write a review, all of our LLC writers chimed in with the reasons they love this new business too!  When describing a restaurant, I think it’s ok to overuse the words delicious, adorable–and the owner was consistently described as such a nice guy: 

Because of some earlier discussion I just to stop…It’s so adorable, I just had a bacon cannoli. So good. And the guys are so nice.

So I had to stop by today after I read “bacon cannoli” and it was so worth the calories, don’t tell my trainer.

He recognized me, he used to work at golden legs running store and said “how’s your son? Is he still running cross country ?” Such a nice guy!

For the sweetest service and the quaintest atmosphere visit Tony Cannoli. Note: there is one small pub table with three bar stools, so most customers will want to take their orders to-go.

Tony Cannoli is a very cute addition to the Mundelein downtown area, and is located on Rte. 45 just south of Rte. 176 in Mundelein. I wish them well.

Tony Cannoli Specialty Pastries
460 N. Lake Street, Mundelein | (847) 668-5077
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