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Best food shows on Netflix

One of the things I have missed, other than football of course, since we cut the cords and went to streaming only for our TV is food TV. True Story, when my daughter was discharged from the hospital and was asked about how happy she was to be home she answered, “Eh, it was fun! I go to watch TV, real TV, like cooking shows!” Yep my daughter enjoyed being in the hospital because she got to watch cooking shows.

Well you don’t need a hospital stay to enjoy some great cooking shows, just a Netflix Subscription. These are our current favorites for your bingeing pleasure with no calories to count!

Iron Chef on Netflix

One of the only reality shows we watch, or let our kids watch this is great fun. Based on the Japanese cult cooking series, “Iron Chef America” pits talented chefs against select culinary masters in a test of skill and taste.

Alton Brown on NetflixThere may have been squealing when I found Good Eats on Netflix. My husband and I are huge (HUGE) fans and love his geeky ways. Collection 2 has just been added so there is even more nerdy food goodness to enjoy!

Anthony Bourdain on Netflix
Photo via Anthony Bourdain on Facebook

Anthony Bourdain is probably my most favorite celebrity. I loved his book and we have loved everything we have watched him in.  If you are a fan like us Netflix is your dealer and my que is currently overflowing with Bourdain goodness.  We are currently about to finish season three of Parts Unknown, thankfully season four is coming in May! We currently also have No Reservations on our list, where we started our Bourdain love affair. Like any good enabler Netflix recommended other shows for us so we are excited to watch The Layover, where he spends just 24 to 48 hours in a city. We also have the documentary The Mind of Chefs from PBS which is narrated by Bourdain.

Sometimes you want a movie, a story, an hour to sit back and be transported to another place? I’ve got you covered there too!

Haute Cuisine on Netflix Haute Cuisine

I actually have no idea how I found this movie, I think it showed up in the if you like section. It’s described as “Based on real characters and lives, this food-rich drama recounts Hortense Laborie’s experiences as personal chef for the president of France.” It reads like it would be a documentary style show but it’s more than that. Despite the subtitles it was fun to watch, made French food actually interesting and appealing and had a great personal story.


Big Night on Netflix Big Night

Hands down (or in my opinion) the best food movie ever. Tony Shalhoub and Stanley Tucci are brother’s that run an Italian Restaurant. The food is great but they are failing so they risk it all on one big night… it’s prefect for re-living my honeymoon in Italy.





There you have it, Tasty Views for binge worthy watching that won’t make your jeans shrink!

Do you have a favorite food show? Tell me about it in the comments!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team. I received a streaming membership in return for my sharing what we’re watching with you.  Some links provided in this story are affiliate links. A small percentage of purchases made through those links are earned and used to cover the expense of running the site. Thank you for clicking!

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