The Advantage of Baseline Concussion Testing for Student Athletes

As a physical education teacher to 170 students and a father of two sports-crazed boys, safety is always at the top of the list when planning lessons and activities at school or at home. Unfortunately, no matter how much care is taken, injuries are inevitable and will always be a part of the risk of play.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, Americans sustain approximately 3.8 million concussions annually from sports and other recreational activities. The topic of concussions continues to dominate headlines involving player safety and remains a concern for parents of athletes of any age in sports today.

baseline concussion testing for student athlettes

Advocate Condell Medical Center now offers a great service to parents and athletes in Lake County. They will conduct a baseline concussion test for athletes using ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing)–for FREE. This baseline assessment is very helpful when managing concussion symptoms and diagnosing a concussion.

If at any time an athlete shows signs of a concussion, he or she will be given a follow-up test to see if the results vary from the baseline test. These individualized results will give the doctor an indication of how to move forward when treating the athlete’s symptoms. As a parent, this is an amazing service that has the potential to make a difference in the type of treatment a child receives. It will also help coaches, parents and doctors more quickly diagnosis a concussion without using up the time and resources of emergency rooms.

baseline concussion testing for student athletes

To take advantage of this service and schedule a baseline test, please call (847) 990-5555. Baseline testing is a free service offered through Advocate Condell Medical Center. Any further testing after a concussion is treated at a physician’s office for a fee. Don’t wait, get your child in today!

Think concussion’s are only a football problem? According to stats on while football is first, ice hockey is second and some reports have shown that the severity of concussions sustained in soccer is actually more than those resulting from football. Even non-contact sports such as cheerleading and gymnastics can result in concussions. It doesn’t matter the sport or the season, baseline concussion testing is a benefit to all student athletes.

For more information visit the Advocate Condell Medical Center Concussion and Brain Injuries website.


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