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Do your kids love getting messy, experimenting with new concepts and learning about the world we live in? I know mine do, so I was thrilled to try a Science Party class offered by Jen B the Science Lady.

The Science Party

The Science Party classes offer science demonstrations, instruction, and hands-on learning, in a safe, child-friendly, and fun setting. Each class has a different theme, and I attended the “Winter Weather Storm Science” class with my 3rd and 1st grade children. This is a drop-off class, but I stayed in order to observe for my review.

Class began with introductions of the teachers (we had Miss Jen B, the founder and Miss Andrea) and then introduction of each child with their age. The class is designed for K-5, and our class had a larger concentration of younger kids. Each child received a name tag and safety goggles.

Jen B supplies

Immediately after introduction, the teachers launched into a few demonstrations including throwing parachute toys, turning tornado tubes made out of soda bottles and creating a cloud in a bottle. Both teachers used science terminology to explain the concepts they were demonstrating and explained how they occur in nature. The students were all very impressed and asked lots of questions.

Jen B Cloud

Then it was time to start some hands on work. The students were each given paper airplane templates to decorate and label. Then each student folded (many requiring instructor help) their airplanes, as the aerodynamics quality of airplanes was discussed. Finally, they all lined up and had two chances to fly their newly created planes.

Jen B airplanes

Next up it was time to make some rain. Using water, shaving cream and food coloring, each student had a chance to drop rain through shaving cream clouds. Precipitation was discussed, and the kids really enjoyed seeing the colored rain swirl through their clouds. A similar experiment followed with a different substance that allowed them to make simulated snow. After that, they discussed the difference of hot and cold and did an experiment with colored ice cubes, hot water, and food coloring.

jen b charlie dropper

The last big demonstration involved a fog machine and a garbage can with a hole in it. The teachers worked together to show the kids fog, and then made rings of fog, which all the kids loved.

jen b smoke rings

Class wrapped up with goody bags filled with a homemade snowflake experiment (just add boiling water with parental help) and everyone taking home their paper airplanes.

My kids thought the class was great. They have taken other science classes before and declared this class more fun. The activities changed quickly to keep the kids engaged, and there was a nice mix of hands-on activities, demonstrations, and discussion. One of the only drawbacks to the class that I observed would be the age range of the class. The 5-year-old students did not have the same attention span or base knowledge as the 8-9-year-old students, who could have had more in depth discussions about different scientific topics. That being said, I think every student in the class left having learned something new and having had a great time.

Jen B is offering The Science Party classes through the Libertyville Park District and Vernon Hills Park Districts later this winter, with more camps coming in summer. Additionally, there is one class on Wednesday December 10th which still has openings (Holiday Science).  Finally, Jen B offers Science Party packages for birthdays or other special celebrations, tailored to your needs.  For more information on The Science Party, check out their website, or contact Jen B 847-269-8933 or [email protected]


Disclosure:  The writer of this post received a complimentary class to attend with her children in order to facilitate this review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are her own.  

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