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Today I’m in the twilight zone. Not the vampire one. The one where it seems like the world has suddenly, unexplainably turned upside down. I say this because my boys are currently fighting over who gets to clean up the gazillion teeny, tiny LEGO pieces the two of them spewed across the living room floor during a session of wild creativity. They are saying things like;

You did it last time!
I made the mess – I get to clean it up!

Why yes, it is a little creepy. Thanks for asking.

But in reality, I do know the reason. It’s because of a new product called the Toydozer.

The Toydozer – Review

The Toydozer is composed of two parts. The “gatherer” modeled after a bulldozer blade, and the lightweight “scoop” modeled after a bulldozer scoop. To use it, hold onto the “gatherer” to collect small toys into the “scoop” and dump them into their respective toy bins or containers.

This amazing little gizmo cleans up LEGOs in seconds. I can only imagine what life would have been like if we had one of these when my daughter went through her Polly Pocket phase. . . All those little plastic shoes! Ugh!

The coolest part is that my kids love to use it! The scoop is just the right size for them to push across the carpet, and the smooth handle makes it easy for them to lift and dump their toys. The design is so simple! Kids and adults can use it — but I much prefer it be the kids!

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It cleans up LEGOs, Polly Pockets, blocks — just about any toy that has lots of pieces. It is a great help for moms and dads but would make a perfect end of year gift for a favorite preschool classroom. As my son joyously proclaimed while cleaning up his mess, “This isn’t a Toydozer – It’s a TOY!” For that, I love you Toydozer! (sniff.)

To learn more about the Toydozer, visit their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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The Toydozer {Review}
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  1. For both of my daughters little toys like littles pet shop and crayons and barbie stuff that gets all over the floor in just one play session.

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