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Did you know that picky eating and feeding problems present as early as infancy may actually be caused by underlying behavioral, emotional, physiological, or developmental issues? Or that speech therapy can positively effect a child’s pre-literacy, literacy, writing skills, and ability to understand sounds and chronology?

The Therapy Tree in Lake Villa offers an abundance of services including speech therapy to address these issues, and many others. The highly skilled therapists and counselors at The Therapy Tree collaborate to treat the child as a whole, as well as the family unit. They believe in looking at all aspects of a child’s life, challenges, and abilities and working with a variety of therapies to maximize a patient’s progress, as well as provide support for families and caregivers.

 The Therapy Tree
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For children and young adults with speech issues, developmental delays, literacy challenges, ADD/ADHD, autism, picky eaters and problem feeders, or those struggling with social skills, the experienced physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and counselors at The Therapy Tree offer integrative and collaborative services and groups to help individuals grow together in mind a body.

When my son was 3, I found myself wondering if his speech challenges required therapy. After consulting with our pediatrician, we visited The Therapy Tree for a few months. I was very happy with the services we received there. The reception staff was friendly and helpful, and our speech therapist was wonderful. She was able to work with my son in a manner that was very effective, yet not what I had envisioned at all. Surprisingly, he actually enjoyed visiting the therapist. She gave us many tips and things to work on at home. We saw great improvement in the time we were there. Fortunately, he didn’t require any more therapy after just a few months.

From minor delays to more serious speech conditions, the team at The Therapy Tree is well-equipped to treat each individual child and assist their families as they face these challenges. The Therapy Tree offers free developmental screenings for children up to 5 years of age to determine if therapy or further evaluations are necessary.

Laura Houston, Speech Pathologist and Part-Owner of The Therapy Tree
Laura Houston, Speech Pathologist and Part-Owner of The Therapy Tree

I recently spoke with Laura Houston, one of the owners and therapists at The Therapy Tree. We discussed some of the pediatric therapies and services offered beyond the speech therapy that I associated with The Therapy Tree. I was particularly interested in their feeding therapy services. I learned that some children that are problem feeders in infancy, picky-eaters as they age, or children that struggle with feeding transitions (bottle to baby food, baby food to solids, etc…) have underlying emotional, medical, sensory, or developmental conditions. Because of the complexity of these issues, The Therapy Tree is a wonderful resource for families facing these challenges. A parent has highly qualified pathologists, therapist, and counselors that work together to create treatment plans appropriate for each individual child and their unique needs under one roof.

The Therapy Tree offers group services, as well. Support groups for parents and care-givers and age-specific social groups meet regularly. Led by a counselor, some groups also include a therapist and work on social skills in addition to things like fine motor skills or speech, dependent upon the group.

the therapy tree
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While it is never to late to address a child’s challenges, Laura emphasized that a family shouldn’t wait to seek help. At The Therapy Tree, families will benefit from the collaborative environment and integrative treatment philosophy of the highly-trained, well-educated team of counselors and therapists.

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For more information about The Therapy Tree, see Jenna’s piece, The Therapy Tree: A One-Stop Shop for Wellness. 


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