Toddler Guide to The Bristol Renaissance Faire

Lake County folk are so lucky to have a short drive to the Bristol Renaissance Faire  just north of the IL/WI border.  This annual festival is consistently ranked as the Best Renaissance Festival in the country by Renaissance Magazine.  At Little Lake County, we’ve already been vocal about our love for this festival in the past.

Bristol Renaissance Faire
12550 120th Ave., Kenosha, WI (Off I-94 at the IL/WI border)
Phone: 847-395-7773
Open Saturdays, Sundays & Labor Day now thru September 1, 2014
For tickets, as well as discount information and coupons visit their website

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So by now, you should already know that the Bristol Renaissance Faire is a great time for kids and parents, but what about for the smallest members of the family?  Let me assure you, there’s plenty for your toddler to enjoy as well.  Children ages 4 and younger are always FREE every day of the festival, so there’s no reason to leave them with a sitter.

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Over the years, I’ve scoped out my favorite spots to hang out with the little ones.  While the pageantry, spectacle, and boisterous atmosphere make for a festive time, sometimes your toddler needs a quieter spot to cool off, chill out, and enjoy the festival at their own speed. So without further ado, in no particular order, here are my family’s:

Top 6  Toddler-Friendly Attractions at The Bristol Renaissance Faire

1) Fairie Glen 

A grassy area shaded beneath tall trees where Bristol’s fairie population gather to weave their nature magic.  Their gentle spirit will charm even the most timid toddler, and some of the sprites are so shy, you may have to coax them out to play yourself.  Their interactions are entirely silent which only adds to their magic.  The silence can be a welcome respite for kids overstimulated by the all the revelry around them.  My own children were literally entranced by a game they played with one fairie that consisted of nothing but handing her twigs found on the ground.

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2) The Nobles Glade

Another shaded area at the far corner of the faire where the Queen and the nobility are known to hold court.  Because nobles enjoy comfort, you will find it here as well, including nearby port-a-potties.  Ample bench seating is available for you to watch presentations that are perfectly low-key, yet visually dramatic. Check your daily schedule for when the ceremonies are held.  Even when the Queen is not present, you will be sure to find plenty of stately courtiers to commiserate with or simply to hold the baby for a photo op.

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3) Mythical Beasts in the Military Encampment

The Mythical Beasts attraction is where you will find the rare and elusive unicorn (I shan’t spoil the surprise with a photo!)  There is a small fee to enter, but if you have a toddler in tow it is well worth the added expense.  Inside it is a literal paradise for the ankle-biter crowd, with full shade and water misters to keep it cool and comfortable.  While there is another petting zoo on the festival grounds, here you will find the most adorable baby goats, lambs, and bunnies that  you’ll probably want to  hide in your bag to bring home.  It’s far less crowded and much more serene. It’s a place where you and your toddler will want to linger.

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4) Mouseboro Pond

Adjacent to the popular Jousting area is the  Mouseboro Play Area, which features a small pool filled with wooden boats. Children enjoy navigating the boats across the water using wooden poles.  Such a simple activity full of bygone charm.  Even older children have a hard time pulling themselves away.  This area also boasts the necessary shade to keep your child from wilting.

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5) Pony Rides

You can’t be a knight without a noble steed and you can’t be a parent at the Ren Faire without anteing up for a pony ride.  It’s right near the entrance so you can get this must-do out of the way first thing to forestall any whining.  It’s also right next to one of two locations with flushable privies (i.e. toilets). Bonus!

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6) Kids Kingdom 

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Last but certainly not least is the ever-popular Kids Kingdom. It’s a play area, activity center, and theatre that sprung up after some wayward pirates wrecked their ship right in the middle of Bristol!  Let the kids run off some steam (or those donuts, ice cream, and chocolate-dipped cheesecake) as they play mini-swashbucklers. Check the daily schedule for children’s programming events.  Not to be missed is the late afternoon Knighting Ceremony, where Queen Elizabeth personally knights deserving lads and lasses.

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Other important tips are to carry water on you and pay attention to where the closest restrooms are, particularly the flushable privies.  I adore the Elizabethan era, but am thoroughly smitten by the joys of 21st century plumbing.  Do remember to bring cash. While the box office accepts credit cards, as do some vendors, all food and beverage is cash only. You do NOT want to be out of cash when a hungry, sweaty toddler decides they must have a gigantic pickle right NOW.

So are you ready to pack up the family for your toddler’s first trip to the Bristol Renaissance Faire?  Do you need a little extra convincing?  How about a FREE ticket?

Enter the rafflecopter below, and we will award (3) THREE lucky winners, (1) one FREE adult ticket each.  Winners will be drawn Thursday morning , July 10, 2014. With one free adult admission AND free admission for children 4 and under, you’ll save more than enough to get junior a wooden sword with matching shield!
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Disclosure: Bristol Renaissance Faire is providing the winning tickets, no other compensation was received .All thoughts and opinions are those of the writer. 
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  1. Can’t wait to take the kiddos. My son would love to be on the ship & my daughter would be all about those ponies.

  2. My kids would probably head straight for the animals. Thanks for the info! This is one of my husband’s favorite activities and he can’t wait to take the girls for the first time.

  3. I’m so glad you posted this. My husband’s didn’t think there would be anything fun for our kids at the faire. Now I can show him why we should go.

  4. My 3.5 yr old would be all about the fairies but his little brother, the 19 month old, would be by the pirates for certain.

  5. We loved the Ren Faire, but haven’t been back in years. Who knew there was so much for the kiddies?! We would have to hit up the fairy glen first!

  6. My kids would run straight for the rides and games! Then the jousting area – they love watching the horses and if course we couldn’t leave without some face painting

  7. My kids are big fans of the pickles at the fair. We haven’t seen the unicorn yet, so if we go this year we’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the tips!

  8. The Bristol Renaissance Faire is THE BEST place to go! There is a little something for everyone and the cast there is the greatest and will ensure you an awesome time! HUZZAH!

  9. It’s a GREAT place to be, they even have a petting zoo and a Unicorn Garden there too, Along with the Queen Knighting Ceremony where the Queen knights the children in Kids Kingdom. It is worth the time to spend down there and the food and entertainment is very well worth it for all ages. They have everything there for all ages to enjoy and see and do there.

  10. Great information! Regarding the end of your article, I would just like to add that several ATMs can be found within the walls of Bristol, so if you run out of cash and still need to quench your thirst, do not despair! There is a solution!

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