Tooth Fairy Traditions

Tooth Fairy Traditions

Today {February 28th} is National Tooth Fairy Day! In celebration we asked out writers as well as the fans on our Facebook page to share their Tooth Fairy Traditions with us:

  • Silver Dollars or Gold Sacagawea Dollar coins – Several Fans and Writer Melissa
  • $1.41 – which is one dollar bill, one quarter, one dime, one nickel, and one penny – Fan Angie
  • $2 bills – Fan Pam
  • $1 a tooth
  • Writer Genevieve says “Each kid sewed their own tooth fairy pillow before they lost their first tooth. When lef in their room the tooth fairy leaves them a personalized note with some sort of fun toothpaste, a few quarters and some sugar free gum” Her kids also have their own individuals fairies they are named: Flossy, Toothena and Fang.
  • Writer Cheryl mentioned a friend who had a great idea. Before the child looses a tooth she went to a coin shop and got “not so good condition” coins from all over the world. The tooth fairy will leave a $1 plus a coin from the last place they visited before your house.
  • Writer Melissa is lucky if the tooth fairy remembers to come the first night but when she does she doesn’t worry about trying to find them under the pillow or the top bunk as she has an adorable tooth fairy pillow from Mompreneur Apples and ‘Nana’s.



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What does the tooth fairy do at your house?


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