Top 10 Reasons To Choose a Music Masters Program

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Welcome to MADE in Lake County! MADE introduces you to the people and stories behind local Lake County businesses.  Today Ginger Acopiado from Music-in-the-Box is here to share with us 10 reasons to choose a Music Masters program.

The Top Ten Reasons To Choose A Music Masters Program

  1. A Music-in-the-Box Motivator knows that children move. At those moments when your child is wandering and you are wondering if music is the right class for your child, remember, the music is getting in and we know it! Other programs may enforce the circle, but we prefer to leave it up to the ones who know your child best – you!
  2.  A Music Masters class engages the total child – mind, body and senses. Your child interacts with their eyes, ears and bodies in almost every element, reaching each child the way they learn best. We have worked with Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Child Development experts to ensure each level meets the needs of the children enrolled in a Music Masters class.
  3. Music is the great equalizer and celebrating what makes us feel included is as important as celebrating what makes us different. A Music Masters class is based on old-fashioned Americana – helping children learn history through nursery rhymes and exposing each child to classic music of the generations. We are careful to include many genres of music in our programs and cover all the nursery rhymes your child needs to know for kindergarten according to the book “What Your Kindergartener Needs To Know” by E.D. Hirsch.
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  1. A Music Masters program provides skill builders in each session. Especially at the Music Masters 2 and 3 level, we set the bar a little higher for at least one element in each session, giving your child the opportunity for mastery without creating frustration.
  2. Music-in-the-Box programs are developed by old-fashioned musical moms studied in the Suzuki and Montessori methods. Bringing the love of the parent/child/teacher triangle of the Suzuki method with Suzuki method Book One melodies for transition helps children venture into instrument lessons and achieve early successes. The multi-sensory learning style of the Montessori method, along with our love for natural materials and old-fashioned classics and classical music, kisses every curriculum we write.
  3. Kid-Tested, proven materials! Music-in-the-Box prides itself on finding the best children’s artists, literature and materials and puts them through the best test of all – the “do-ability” test. If a song or movement isn’t do- able, it’s just entertainment. Our teachers pride themselves on being motivators – helping you and your child find your inner musicians and letting them out of the box!
  4. We find the best music, books and activities so you don’t have to scour for them. All books in a Music Masters class are chosen for beautiful art, historic or educational value and appropriate language. All songs are chosen for their lyrics, historic value and purity of vocals. Activities are chosen to enhance movement and learning, engaging parent and child in purposeful musical play.
Ginger Acopiado, Music-in-the-Box
Photo courtesy of Music-in-the-Box
  1. Music-in-the-Box has a music masters program for every child from birth to age 7. Our Baby Music Masters classes teach mom how to “take the tears out of tummy time.” Music Masters 1, 2 and 3 are not an age range, but a developmental range. Music Masters 1 is designed for children who are sitting, crawling or newly walking, but not completely independent of mom. Music Masters 2 is designed for children who are walking well and beginning to talk and sing, and who need to move and dance/sing with more independence. Music Masters 3 is designed for the family who wants or needs a more educational music environment. Basic theory games touch on the language of music in a non-threatening way. This is a great supplement to preschool. Music Masters 4 is designed for children who are headed for or are exploring instrument learning. We offer Group Piano Intro and Violin classes using the Suzuki Method in tandem with our unique blend of group and individual theory games, easing the transition from Music Masters fun to formal instrument learning.
  2. The Music Masters program is designed with old-fashioned fun. We incorporate enough old-fashioned ditties and folksongs so our families can jump right in – singing and dancing to songs they already know and modeling the music fun. Then we mix it us up with just the right theory games and movement, elevating the fun!
  3. Music-in-the-Box is growing faster than we can find teachers – so we must be doing something right. We have been teaching for over 18 years in over 20 locations, licensing teachers across the U.S. And we know it is because of you – our musical families – who spread the word. It is our Music Masters families that keep us growing, and we thank you for allowing us into your world and letting the world know about us.

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Top 10 Reasons To Choose a Music Masters Program

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