Uniquely Sweet Birthday Parties {Grayslake}

Photo Credit: Loralie T.
Photo Credit: Loralie T.

I’m not averse to occasional treats, but to hear my kids tell it, they never ever get to have sweets.  Can you hear the violin music playing in the background?

So suffice it to say, when I brought up the idea of throwing a Chocolatier Party at Uniquely Sweet in Grayslake to my soon-to-be-six-year old, he jumped on the chance.  You’d think this kid had won the lottery.

This is the birthday party out of Willy Wonka’s dreams (and perhaps a dentist’s nightmare.)  Guests get to make their own confections, using all the chocolate, candy, sprinkles, marshmallows and other sugary tidbits that their little hearts desire.

Photo Credit: Loralie T.
Photo Credit: Loralie T.

Uniquely Sweet doesn’t skimp out either. Kids get to make a chocolate pizza with a rice crispie crust, s’mores (don’t worry there’s no fire,) smiley face Oreo’s, marshmallows on a stick and chocolate-dipped pretzels.  It’s enough to feed a whole family’s sugar cravings for a week and perhaps a youth football team.

Kids can feed their greed or express their creativity by piling on the toppings in creative ways. I have to say, some of their works were true pieces of art.  Jackson Pollack would be proud!

Photo Credit: Loralie T.
Photo Credit: Loralie T.

Setting all my nutritional hang-ups aside for one day, as a parent I truly appreciated how Uniquely Sweet took care of everything.  And by everything, I mean everything!  The staff took care of all the instruction, set-up, clean-up and even provided an additional game with prizes.  A kiddie meal of hot dogs, chips and bottled water were included. I didn’t even have to worry about goodie bags. All the junior chefs got to take home their creations along with a balloon and a sucker. With all that was included, I felt the price was extremely reasonable.

Uniquely Sweet Birthday Party
Handmade treats, packed up and ready to go home – Photo Credit: Loralie T.

You can pre-order cupcakes from their sister store, Something’s Brewing,  for an additional fee; but, with all the sweets you may not feel you need it.  A birthday candle can just as easily be put on a chocolate pizza!  I opted to bring my own cupcakes, which is allowed, simply because my son wanted a specific character on his cupcake.  Basically, I brought my kids, the cupcakes, and a credit card and that was it.  Easy peasy and he still talks about that birthday to this day.

If you can’t set aside your healthy eating habits for one day then this party is not for you.  If you don’t like stain-treating birthday outfits for chocolate stains then it’s not for you either. If allergies or food sensitivities are a concern, I wouldn’t opt for this party.

While my son turned six at his party, we had a few older kids and a few younger kids in attendance.  There were some three-year olds who struggled with following directions and not double dipping;  so they needed help from their parents who were in attendance.  You could see a marked difference in their level of enjoyment and ability to take instruction versus the school-aged kids.  Because of that experience, my personal recommendation is this party is best suited for first graders on up.  You can certainly pull it off with younger kids, but I recommend extra adult hands to pitch in.

Photo Credit: Loralie T.

For the value, ease and sweet memories, a Chocolatier Party at Uniquely Sweet takes the cake!

Connect with Uniquely Sweet
888 E. Belvidere Road, Unit 106, Grayslake
(847) 548 – 0001 | Facebook

For complete party information and pricing see their Chocolatier Parties Brochure

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