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Success in kindergarten, and beyond, starts the day your baby comes homes from the hospital. Children who have educational experiences and exposure to things like books, music, and language, are more prepared to succeed in school. The United Way of Lake County {UWLC} Success by 6 Program was developed to promoting healthy early childhood development to ensure children enter school ready to succeed.

UWLC Success by 6

UWLC Success by 6 Program

The program does this by:

  • Empowering parents
  • Investing in quality early learning experiences
  • Ensuring children start a healthy lifestyle

Little Lake County is a partner with UWLC as part of this program. We have worked with them to develop activity and information pages for their Kindergarten Readiness Calendar since 2015. Some of you may have picked them up at the final stop of our playground tour. Whenever you see Little Lake County out and about this fall and winter, ask us about them, we will have some for you! These calendars are filled with ideas and activities to help promote early learning and literacy in children.

UWLC Success by 6
L. Thomas | littlelakecounty.com | 2015

The need may not be obvious to you, but in some areas of Lake County, the need for access to quality early education is desperate. A 2006 study based on Waukegan Public Schools (District 60) showed that only 6% of children entering school had the necessary skills to be successful in kindergarten. Since UWLC started offering free training and material for parents, the number of children in Waukegan that are ready for kindergarten has grown to 41%.

The programs that are making a difference:

  • Early Learning Clubs – Instructs parents on how to encourage their children’s education by being their child’s first teacher. Participants receive year-round packets every quarter with coloring books, community information, and health/safety guides.
  • Kindergarten Countdown Camp – Kindergarten Countdown Camp is a free program designed to target incoming kindergarten students who have little to no preschool experience.  Taught by a licensed kindergarten teacher, Kindergarten Countdown Camp eases the transition for students and parents prior to starting the first day of school.
  • Campaign for Grade-Level Reading – A national movement that is designed to increase the number of students reading proficiently by the end of third grade. The program hones individual reading proficiency and school readiness while working to deter summer learning loss and chronic absences.
  • Early Learning Trail – This initiatives’ focus has two primary goals: to develop children’s academic readiness and encourage active movement and play. Hopping, jumping, or skipping on brightly painted paths marked by numbers or letters foster both learning and coordination. Early Learning Trails are held outdoors at local schools or parks and help develop children’s social, cognitive, and kinesthetic skills in a playful and safe atmosphere.
  • Home VisitingAn intervention-to-empowerment initiative for at-risk families whose children range in age from infants to five years. Each family is assigned a caseworker and a nurse, giving the family holistic care and development.
UWLC success by 6
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Success By 6 has been successful by educating parents that there are teachable moments that can happen anytime, anywhere. You don’t need a lot of money or special classes to help improve your children’s academic success. Reading to, playing with, and exploring the world around you will increase your child’s chance for success.

To order calendars for yourself, your preschool, child care center, church or other organization, visit liveunitedlakecounty.org/KinderCalendar.  Large quantities must be picked up from the UWLC office.

UWLC success by 6

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United Way of Lake County Success by 6
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