Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Lake County {2016}

People in Lake County like to eat, and we have no shortage of amazing, locally-owned restaurants.  However, to find a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, you’re going to have to search…or just read this, because we did the work for you!  Here is a compilation of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, and others that serve stellar options to those that avoid meat.

vegetarian restaurants in lake countyDisclosures: Check out the restaurant websites or call ahead to see if they are still offering these amazing vegan or vegetarian options.  Little Lake County is not responsible for changes to menus.

Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Lake County

Cinnamon Bistro
Photo Source Cinnamon Bistro Facebook page

Cinnamon Bistro
751 W. Route 22, Lake Zurich | 224-662-4138
With a chef waiting to prepare fresh, in season, vegetarian and vegan-friendly items, Cinnamon Bistro is a popular lunch or dinner location in Lake Zurich, with alcohol available.  This cafe focuses on the body and soul and strives to leave you feeling healthier and refreshed.

Holcomb Hollow
Photo Source Holcomb Hollow Facebook page

Holcomb Hollow
500 N. Lake Street, Mundelein | 847-837-9123 |Facebook
Offering solely vegan and gluten-free items, Holcomb Hollow’s products can be found at many local farmers markets in Lake County and Hansa Coffee Roasters in Libertyville and AREA General Store in Mundelein.  Creating moist, delicious treats that meet the strict criteria Holcomb Hollow follows, is not easy. It takes only a minute to read their reviews to see that this is a company you have to check out!  Their Facebook page is updated regularly as to where you can find their tasty jams and jellies, breads and muffins, desserts, and salsas.

Purple Sprout
Photo Source Purple Sprout Cafe Facebook page

Purple Sprout Cafe
341 E. Dundee Road, Wheeling | 224-223-7133
Purple Sprout Cafe is a new, vegan and vegetarian restaurant with good energy and artisan food choices that meet restrictive dietary needs.  The owners are educated and passionate about feeding people well, and have made it into an experience for their patrons.  With organic produce for sale, beverages, and full meals on the menu, Purple Sprout Cafe is a valuable addition to the Wheeling-area.

Restaurants with Vegetarian or Vegan Options

While it might take some effort to find vegetarian and vegan-only restaurants in Lake County, many locally-owned establishments have upped their game to include delicious vegetarian and vegan options that I can promise will please your palate–my friends told me so.

255 E. Westminster Ave, Lake Forest | 847-234-6600
The menu at Foodstuffs is pleasing to all eaters alike, and caters to vegetarians with great salads.  They will prepare to your specifications, as well, to create a dish sure to please.  With a ready-to-go section of fast grab meals, it is a great place to stop when you’re vegetarian and on the go!  Our writer, Jen V. highly recommends Foodstuffs!

bite 9
Photo Source Bite 9 Facebook Page

Nirvana Wine and Grillerie
701 N. Milwaukee Ave, Ste 280, Vernon Hills | 847-918-7828
Nirvana is an upscale grillerie of which my vegetarian friends frequent.  Although Nirvana may be the favorite lunch spot for their wide wine selection, their vegetarian options for both lunch and dinner are vast and flavorful.  Nirvana is a great meeting place for friends and families, as the restaurant offers something for everyone, meat-eaters included, of an exquisite quality.

Pita Inn
200 Oak Creek Plaza, Mundelein | 847-566-8888
As the fan favorite from our readers, I had to include Pita Inn!  As a Mediterranean restaurant, they accept only the freshest produce and prepare their ingredients daily.  Their offerings can be vegetarian or for meat-eaters, and this venue provides a place for friends to eat together at an affordable price.

Did we miss your favorite vegan or vegetarian restaurant?  Tell us in the comments!

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