Warren Township Park Visit {Gurnee}

Whew! It has been hot out! Our family had planned on visiting a lot more playgrounds than we actually have this summer. Instead, this summer has found us at the library at least once a week. But, playgrounds have still been a must for us, and our favorite, by far, this summer has been the playground at Warren Township Park in Gurnee.
First of all, I have been a frequent Lake County playground visitor for about six years now. I have NEVER been to this one until recently. Friends have told me it was very big, and hard to keep track of multiple kids, which had deterred me. But, I went anyhow, as I was feeling brave! It was very easy to find with the ol’ GPS, and parking was plentiful.  The playground is located on the campus of the Warren Township Center, 17801 W. Washington St. in Gurnee.
As we walked in, there were bathrooms available, as well as drink machines. Places to sit in the shade and have a snack and drink were plentiful. There are several separate play areas aimed at different ages, as well as a gigantic sand pit.
Warren Township Center Playground - Big Kids Structure
Big kid structure
 Because of the large area, and my kids being different ages (almost-2, 3, and 6), they all wanted to do different things. So, it started- keeping track and trying to wrangle. But, man, it was worth it, this place is amazing! What a treasure of a playground to find.
Warren Township Center playground
Everyone was happy in this area
My six-year-old loved climbing to the very top of a very tall climbing structure and giving me a heart attack in the meantime.
Warren township center playground climbing structure
Climbing structure for BIG kids
 My three-year-old loved the little rock climbing wall and slides. My one-year-old loved the swings, and there were plenty of them! From regular baby swings, to giant plastic red seats, to huge swinging disks. She had a ball.
Warren Township Center playground sandbox
Half of the sand pit
At the end, the kids all played in the sand pit together, filling buckets with the water pumps and making rivers. The sand pit has many toys available in it, so you don’t need to bring your own. Many were broken, though, so they had to hunt for suitable ones.
Waren Township Center Playground tot area
One of the areas for younger kids
The worst part was keeping track of the kids, and trying to get them all to play in the same area. But, if you have kids similar in age, or take another helper, it shouldn’t be a problem. All in all, the kids and I had a great time playing! I will definitely be going back very soon. Visit the Warren Township Park District website for more information.
Warren Township Center playground maze
Hitting the maze on the way out
17801 W. Washington St. in Gurnee
(corner of Washington Street and Almond Road)
Hours: 8am-9pm
Ph: 847-244-1101 

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