Warren Township Playground – A Must See, now Updated!

Gurnee, IL

One word about the updated Warren Township Park: AMAZING. If you have a bucket list for this summer, I highly recommend that you not only add this to your list but place it near the top of the list. Warren Township Playground has some recent updates we want to share with you.

Warren Township Playground, Gurnee

My toddler’s latest favorite thing has been going to the park. She has been happy with the very basic parks, requiring just a swing and a slide. Then, however, we visited the Warren Township Park located in Gurnee, and it blew us away. It is seriously one of the best playground parks I have ever been to. Definitely, the best one my daughter has been to!

First when you walk in, there is something I have never seen at any park before – it’s called Neos and it is a game type thing (made me think about those dancing competition video games you play with a partner). The directions on how to play are located beside this large structure – it is part game, part competition and it is meant to keep people who play (any age) active. Looks like a ton of fun and also seems like a great workout!

warren township playground gurnee
© J. Reedy | Little Lake County.com | 2015

There are many different sections to the park and restrooms are located right near the front, in the middle of the sections – perfect!

The first part we walked through had a very cool pirate ship that had 2 slides coming out of it. My daughter ran to that first to try the slides which won her seal of approval right away. Editor’s note: this is one of the new/updated structures at the park.

warren township playground gurnee
© J. Reedy | Little Lake County.com | 2015

We had to pry her away from the ship so we could check out the next section – which had more slides, plus all kinds of climbing/play structures.

I really loved how they had large umbrellas over parts of the play structures for shade. Even though we were there on an overcast day, I made a mental note that this would be a great park to come to on a sunny day as well because of the shaded areas.

The next area was a huge, and I mean HUGE, sand pit/area. It has all kinds of sand toys, digging toys, and the gem of it all – the dinosaur bones that you could dig around. All kinds of awesome.

 To the right of the sandpit was another large playground section with even more slides, climbing walls, etc. My favorite part of this area is these cool bench-type swings, that a few people could sit on side-by-side and swing away. There are 2 of them and one was empty so my husband and I quickly grabbed it. Our daughter only let us swing for a couple of minutes though before whisking us away to the adorable elephant slide she spotted over by the swings – oh the swings!!! Swings for people of all ages!!

This truly is an extraordinary park and one that we as a family will be visiting quite often. There is something for all ages, and there is plenty of stuff to occupy toddlers all the way to teenagers (and adults too!).

Warren Park Playground Gurnee

Oh and this made me smile.

 They have their own Little Free Library! Oh yes, we will definitely be back.

Warren Township Park
17801 W Washington Street, Gurnee, IL 60031

Warren Township Park has been a favorite of Little Lake County for awhile. You can read our previous profile to see more pictures and learn more about it.

Warren Township Playground - A Must See, now Updated!
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