Waukegan Municipal Beach

Waukegan BeachSchool may be fast approaching, but there is still some summer left to enjoy…

So get out and enjoy the sun and water at Waukegan Municipal Beach.

Just east of downtown Waukegan (located at 201 Sea Horse Drive) on Lake Michigan is a pretty little stretch of sand just perfect for sunbathing, sandcastle-building and picnicking. Approximately one mile wide (the water is enclosed by two piers, which I think helps to keep the bad currents out), the water is clear to the bottom and shallow enough for all of the family to safely enjoy.

Waukegan Municipal Beach

The Good: Waukegan Municipal Beach is free to residents. You just need to have a Waukegan City Sticker displayed in your car. So, if you don’t live in Waukegan, you just need to carpool with someone who does. Otherwise, there is a steep fee of $20 per vehicle.

The beach never sees huge crowds of people, so it’s perfect for a quiet family afternoon there, with plenty of space for all to enjoy.

There are three sand volleyball court nets, and plenty of picnic tables in a shady, grassy area to enjoy a picnic.

The Bad: There are no lifeguards on duty at the beach, so swim at your own risk. Also, there are no inside restroom/shower facilities to clean up in afterwards (just your standard port-a-potty’s).

The Ugly: The beach can be kind-of hard to find the first time, as it’s tucked away through a maze of little side streets with industrial buildings, boatyards and unkempt lots, on all sides. It’s definitely not the kind of scenery you expect to see right before you hit the beach.

For general information, visit the City of Waukegan Website

Volleyball Nets/Shaded Picnic Area
201 E. Sea Horse Drive, 

For beach status you can call 1-800-CLEANUP or check the Waukegan Beach Status Website

Photos And Review By: Whitney Smith

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