LLC Loves: What We REALLY Want For Mother’s Day

As May creeps up on us, we are reminded that the arrival of Mother’s Day is not far behind. Commercials abound, flowers and “gift ideas” seem to everywhere, and in many instances, we are dropping hints like crazy about how we would like to spend our Mother’s Day.

While Mother’s Day should be a day celebrating all things “mommy,” many times it can end up to be a day filled with extra work, cranky kids, and unmet expectations. When a day meant to celebrate “you,” ends up to be tougher to get through than a normal day, we beg to answer the question, what do moms really want for Mother’s Day? Our LLC Contributors weighed in on the subject.

what mom wants for mothers day

Mother’s Day Gifts

Spa Services
Many of our writers ranked spa services high on their list. Jenna and Hyacynth would love a relaxing massage, while Kari and Jennifer would love a pedicure before sandal season starts! Loralie would love a Lynda Powers facial package and Cheryl would love a gift of ANY relaxing spa service!

Jennifer loves Pandora, and really enjoys the tradition her kids have of picking out a new charm for her. Who says jewelry has to be sparkly? Not Maureen, who says that top on her list is the new Fitbit Blaze Smart Watch. Jenna would love the personal touch of her family picking out a piece of fair trade jewelry, just because they know that it is important to her.

Gift Cards
You really cannot go wrong with gift cards. Many of our writers would love a gift card to the spa, but Loralie says Sephora is another great idea. Who wouldn’t love to have some extra spending money for products just for us? Kari would love a gift card to Starbucks, and a great addition for her is some uninterrupted time to go there and enjoy her coffee!

Maureen would love to go shopping at Lucy and would love a gift card to purchase some of her favorite things, while Jennifer would be thrilled to get a gift card to her favorite book store. Some time carved out for us to go shopping to use the gift card would be nice too. Just us. No kids, no impatient, “I really don’t like shopping” husband, and absolutely no expectation to be back at a certain time. Are we asking too much?

Other Ideas
Who says what we want has to fit into a specific mold? Loralie is not being shy, and is not holding back her wish list. A Le Creuset dutch oven tops her list, as do checkered vans and an electric toothbrush. Yes, you read that right. An electric toothbrush. We moms need pampering, and if the best we can get is a daily spa treatment for our teeth, then that is what we are going to take!

Genevieve would love a porch swing! If her husband and kids built it for her, her Mother’s Day would be extra special, just saying.


Mother’s Day Experiences

Many moms could compile a list of gifts they would love for the holiday, but they would forgo it all, for some of the following ideas.

Cheryl just wants to sleep in. If her family lets her nap, they would even earn extra points. That being said, relaxation and lack of any responsibility seem to be a common theme. Jaime, Jenna and Maureen all want a day where they have to plan absolutely nothing, have no responsibility with the kids, house, activities or bedtime. Rosemary would love a getaway that doesn’t include hiding out in the bathroom.

A nice relaxing day with the kids is always nice too, and Maureen agrees by saying that a bike ride or an outdoor activity with the family would rank high on her list. Once again though, she does not want to plan it! She just wants to do it. There is something about a day being crafted completely for you, with no responsibility on the decision making that sounds absolutely…heavenly.

We don’t want to do any of our day-to-day jobs either. Alli wants a day with no chores. Zero. Kari does not want to cook dinner, nor make any decisions about what dinner is. She just wants to eat a nice meal with her family that she had nothing to do with preparing. Besides not cleaning or cooking, Hyacynth would love the behavior of her whole family to be bright and cheerful as well! No crying or whining allowed!

Holly’s family lets her off the hook for any work, and they prepare a meal for her too. They also take apart, clean and reassemble her vacuum which is her absolute favorite gift. Only moms could understand the delight in a gift such as that. We envy you Holly.


Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts

There is something about a personalized or even handmade gift that makes everything about Mother’s Day seem even more special. Some of our contributors have experienced the perfect homemade gift, and others can only dream…

Cheryl loves homemade artwork and drawings from her kids, but would love an updated, professional photo of her children (especially if it includes NOT planning any of the details to get the photo taken). One year, Jessica received a journal from her family that they wrote in instead of a card. They continue to write in it year after year and it is one of her most cherished gifts!

We can all agree that on Mother’s Day we all just want to be happy. We want a day where we get to relax with our families, and focus on the things that really matter. Although, adding in some of the ideas above could not hurt. In fact, it might just make it the best Mother’s Day ever!

What do YOU really want this Mother’s Day? Don’t be shy! Let us know in the comments below!

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