Lake County is not only home to some of its own fabulous museums it’s located between two world-class cities, Chicago and Milwaukee, giving you plenty of opportunities to visit other worlds and cultures. Use this plage to find the free museum days, reviews, tips and inside looks at the museums and their special events.

Museums are a great way to sneak in some education while letting the kids play in a new enviroment. 

Lake County Museums

Dunn Museum
1899 W. Winchester Rd., Libertyville | (847) 968-3400
Newly opened the Bess Bower Dunn Museum offers an opportunity for children to play in history. Ride on a boat to the Chain O’Lakes, build trains, dig for dinosaurs, and more! Tuesdays are discount days or you can save with Groupon.  Take a look inside the Dunn Museum

Lake County Forest Preserves new Dunn Museum is staying open late twice a month thanks to a grant from USG. Learn all about the FREE First and Third Thursdays and some of their upcoming events.

RLAPD Neighborhood Children's Museum

RLAPD Children’s Neighborhood Museum
 814 Hart Road, Round Lake (inside the Robert W. Rolek Community Center) | (847) 546-8558
While this play area is technically called a “museum,” it’s truly a very large room with individual areas or “stores” for kids to play in. Since there is only one door, it’s an incredibly safe place for your kiddo to explore and play. My kids love exercising their imaginations on the stage, grocery store, baby nursery, and fire station–just for starters! The hours are a little limited, and I suggest getting there early because there is a capacity limit. Dawn took us inside their 2012 refresh.

kohl childrens museum in waukegan

Kohl Children’s Museum is a suburban institution and they are bringing their hands on learning to Waukegan! Catch the Kohl Children’s Museum Pop-up at Urban Edge in Waukegan before it leaves. We include a video of the full space!

Go inside some of our local museums with our videos:

Other Suburban Museums

Kohl Children’s Museum
2100 Patriot Boulevard Glenview | (847) 832-6600
Kids love the permanent, hands-on exhibits here, which include interactive areas such as a pet vet, cafe, supermarket, musical instruments, a pretend car wash, live turtles and other nature-themed activities, book nooks, and building activities. The museum also offers a calendar of programs and special traveling exhibits. Exhibits here are designed for children from birth to age eight.

Chicago Museums

Chicago Museum Free days by season:

Milwaukee Area Museums

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