Why & How to Choose a Professional Photographer to Capture your Families Memories

Welcome to Locally Grown! Locally Grown introduces you to the people and stories behind local Lake County Businesses. Have you had a chance to meet Mila Aron from Milamemories Photography? A Mundelein based photographer Mila’s goal is to tell a story through pictures, and not all families have the same story to tell. She takes the time to discover what makes each family unique and creates the whole picture—intermingling her own flair with the family’s vision. But it takes more than a nice camera and good lighting to really capture a family, today Mila is sharing with us why you should hire a professional photographer and how to choose one that’s right for you.

why you should hire a professional photographer

Why Choose an Experienced Professional Photographer:

Photography is so much more than a fancy camera and lens. When choosing someone to capture your memories you want someone who knows what they are doing. I have spent hundreds of hours learning and training so that I can shoot exactly the way I want to get the style I envision. I shoot in manual mode only, so I tell the camera exactly what to do in different lighting situations.

why choose a professional photographer
Photo Provided by Milamemories Photography

An experienced photographer has consistency in their images and their style. They will spend hours editing your images and making sure they are perfect in every way!

why choose a professional photographer
Photo Provided by Milamemories Photography

Little ones grow up so quickly! You want to capture who they are today, before they grow into someone new. For example, my toddler has been in love with PJ Masks for about a year, all of the sudden, he tells me he no longer likes them. I am so thankful that I captured him pretending to be Cat Boy from the cartoon, because it was the cutest! My point being that if I didn’t stop and do a mini session for him, I would have missed that moment. Cell phone images are great for snapshots, but they don’t really tell or show your child’s personality or tell their story, and they are most definitely not great quality. When is the last time you looked at images you took with your cell phone from two years ago? Maybe when they pop up on Facebook memories?

why choose a professional photographer
Photo Provided by Milamemories Photography

A professional photographer knows exactly how to pose your family and get the perfect lighting that fits their style. They also know composition, which is very important in the end result, especially when photographing little ones.

why choose a professional photographer
Photo Provided by Milamemories Photography

Another great reason to go with a professional photographer is they will have a variety of props (if that is their style) for you to choose from for your session. So you don’t need to worry about anything. Finding a photographer with lots of experience means that they will be able to direct you in posing, be able to answer questions about coordinating your clothing, and find the perfect location that fits your family.


Why choose a professional photographer
Photo Provided by Milamemories Photography


Family and children’s photography takes a lot of planning and coordinating. Especially, important memories such as birthdays, births or being pregnant. All of these memories are some of the best, most important and amazing times in our lives, in our children’s lives, you don’t want to miss out on any of these being captured and preserved for you. You want to be able to look back at these images and remember your little ones just as they were, that smile they make when you talk to them, the way they point their eyebrow up when they are curious, the way they look at you when you read them a book or tell them you love them. Such beautiful and timeless memories deserve to be planned and photographed by an experienced professional.

why choose a professional photographer
Photo provided by Milamemories Photography


How to Choose a Photographer:

When choosing a photographer it’s very important to look at their style. Every photographer has a unique style and I always tell people you should absolutely love it! These are your memories being captured and 10 years from now you still want to love them. You might want to hang your memories on your walls and use them as home décor or maybe give them as gifts. All leading back to loving the photographers style. I have always believed in quality of images over quantity of images. I suggest looking at a few different photographer’s portfolios, so that you can choose which you love best. In addition, I suggest talking to the photographer and getting to know her, ask her any questions you have.

how to choose a photograher
Photo Provided by Milamemories Photography


I also suggest asking to see samples of their work on print (photo’s or canvas). You can really tell a photographers quality by the print quality. Make sure that the image is crisp on the print and the print paper or canvas is sturdy. They should be using a professional lab. Canvas’s should last 150 + years, and can be passed on from generation to generation, so you definitely want to make sure it is the best quality.

how to choose a photographer
Photo provided by Milamemories Photography

When capturing memories of little ones, it is so important for your photographer to know what to do quickly in different situations. Every child is different and requires different ways to really and truly be able to capture who they are. It’s so important that photographers learn how to read kids, some kids require some time to warm up to them, sometimes they need to put the camera to the side and just play.

Photo Provided by Milamemories photography


I believe in capturing souls and personalities not just smiles!

Milamemories Photography

Mila has a special for Little Lake County Readers:

milamemories photography

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