Worth the Trip: Little Beans Cafe Evanston

Worth the Trip

Editor’s Note: This is a personal review from 2015. Current experiences may vary.

I introduced you to a parent’s utopia, Little Beans Cafe- Chicago*, back in 2011. I wish (do you hear me universe?) that I could tell you one has opened in Lake County. Alas, I can’t, but I can tell you that it’s a lot closer and still worth the trip. The new Little Beans Cafe Evanston has everything you love about the Lincoln Park locale with even more to love.

*Editor’s Note: Little Beans Chicago closed.

Little Beans Evanston

Little Beans Cafe, Evanston

The large bright playroom has the kid-sized community buildings we love from the Lincoln Park location and a new clubhouse with a slide. The popular gated baby area is still there, as well as comfy couches, plenty of tables and chairs for mom, and ride-ons for the kids. In addition, there is a baby room that’s a quiet, comfy respite for moms to nurse. There is also an additional program room; while we were there, it had lights off and “dancing” lights spinning around the room.

Little Beans Evanston

My favorite is the RV. I want this RV in my size, for real! This area, known as Little Beans, is for children 0-6. The staff monitors this age limit, too. When we visited, we had older siblings with us who were allowed to come in and help siblings play but were kindly asked to get off equipment and give it to the smaller kids.

Never fear moms of older kids–they will not miss out. The Big Beans Ninja Obstacle course is across the hall and is perfect for any kid with a lot of pent-up energy. My two older kids (10 and 8), as well as the boys we came with (5, 6, and 7), could have stayed there all day. They were sweaty messes and properly worn out when we left. Kids can run the course like a race, or the kids can freely play on any equipment. During the morning hours, the zip line is closed so that little kids can also play in the foam pit.

Little Beans Ninja Course

But wait, there’s more!  A recording studio features a dress-up area, a photo booth, karaoke, and video-making. In addition, there is a game area with air hockey, board games (and tables for mom to sit and watch), and a large projection interactive game on the floor. There is also a gym stocked with basketballs, floor hockey, and on one of our visits, mats and a mini-trampoline.

The facility also has a small library area filled with books and a comfy chair. It was dark and quiet and the perfect spot to hang out with an exhausted toddler while the big kids ran around. There is also a small art room stocked with paper and coloring activities. The cafe offers healthy choices for both moms and kids–even your pickiest eater will find something to enjoy.

Little Beans Evanston

Little Beans Café Evanston also offers activities and events. See their website for current rates, hours and restrictions.

Little Beans Cafe Evanston
430 Asbury Lane, Evanston
[email protected] | (847) 807-3731
Instagram | Twitter | Facebook
If you follow Little Beans on Facebook they will post when they are near or approaching capacity.

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Worth the Trip: Little Beans Cafe Evanston
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