Worth the Trip: Chicago Toy and Game Fair #ChiTag

Confession: There is nothing I loathe more than taking my kids into a large toy store.

I will on occasion take them to some smaller shops where they have activities or toys for them to play with and I can see them through the whole store. But those huge warehouse type stores, I can’t handle it. The running in all directions, the lights, the noise, the sheer volume of toys. I would rather do laundry.

With that in mind hear this, the Chicago Toy & Game Fair is a family event that is worth the trip and should be on your list this season.

Wait, what?

Yes! It’s true!

The Chicago Toy and Game Fair is the largest fair in North America that is open to the public. This unique experience lets you get up close and personal with the creators of the toys and games as well as industry professionals and toy and game enthusiasts. My son and I go yearly and it’s a great experience and bonding time for us. He has met the inventors of some of his favorite toys, spent hours learning about robotics with the Hex Team, and seen kids his own age that have designed and created toys and games.

Chicago Toy and Game Fair
Inventor of the Laser Peg

Since it’s a fair set up, it’s not like walking through a toy store. Every booth lets you try out the toys and games first hand–it’s really just a super huge playdate! While many of the booths do sell their items, it doesn’t look or feel like a store so my kids are not constantly asking if they “can buy this.” It’s a great way to really see how they will interact, use and like some of the hottest toys of the season before purchasing them.

Characters make appearances throughout the show. We’ve sen the Legion 501 troopers, last year a dinosaur raced through the show and this year Paw Patrol will be on hand. There is also a Star Wars Luncheon (additional ticket required) that is not to be missed.

chicago toy and game fair

This year a they have partnered with Lekotek/AblePlay to provide a Super Power Sensory Hour both public days of the fair.  This one hour event starts before the doors of ChiTAG fair opens to the public on both Saturday and Sunday, allowing kids with special needs to navigate, acclimate and easily access the fun of the fair. Registration is required.

The Chicago Toy and Game Fair is truly a great way to kick off the holiday season and spend a day just playing with your kids!

chicago toy and game fair

Chicago  Toy and Game Fair – ChiTag
November 21-22
Navy Pier, 600 E. Grand Ave., Chicago

Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children
Save $2 off with offer code “2DOLLARCOUPON” when you purchase online.
Tickets are also available at the door.

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