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YummyHealth® was created by journalist and mom, Lisa Goldbaum. She was searching for better options for her kids after realizing that most of the food that they were consuming for snacks, was unhealthy food filled with unfavorable ingredients. She began searching for healthier options and created a line of snack products that are delicious, but low in the the bad stuff that effect kids’ moods, health, energy levels and cravings. Little Lake County was lucky enough to receive a box of these innovative snacks to try. Two of our writers, gave them a go, and this is what they had to say:

Jennifer’s Review:

We were thrilled to receive our Yummy Health products at our front door.  The boys grabbed the package and couldn’t wait to open it.  After all, they love their snacks.  We started with the Yummy chocolate blast snack bar.  First taste tester was my 2 year old.  His eyes lit up at his first bite!  He said, “mmm! yummy mommy, more”.  That’s a lot of M’s!  He ate the entire bar without hesitation.  My 4 year old was next.  He loves his chocolate.  He nibbled at the bar and ended up enjoying it.  He’s my picky eater, so his hesitation came from the fact he wasn’t familiar with the product.  However, he enjoyed the bar, too!  I was 2 for 2!  That’s an awesome record for this household.  I had to ask for a taste so I could see what all the fuss was about and it was indeed yummy!  Great chocolate flavor and did remind me of a candy bar.  I would purchase these for the boys.
A few days later we tried the Yummy cheddar snack crisps. Both boys took a bite and handed the crisp back to me.   They weren’t as excited about the crisps as the bar.  I decided to try it.  Unfortunately, I was displeased, too.  The taste of the cheddar crisps was not what I expected.  The crisps were dry and left an unfavorable taste in my mouth.


Heather’s Review:

The kids and I were really excited to try the YummyHealth® snacks that arrived in the mail courtesy of the company. The box contained cheese snacks and chocolate bars to sample. The kids could hardly wait, so we got started right away! The first to try: the chocolate bars of course! They were a huge hit! The kids gobbled them up without a thought, thoroughly enjoying them! I decided to have a try as well and loved the coconut chocolate taste. I really had to check the wrapper a few times to confirm that this snack was actually healthy! It was a delicious treat, and the added bonus was that it included healthy ingredients and satisfied all of our sweet tooths! My kids and I would have taken that over a candy bar any day!
The Cheese Snack Chips were tried next. I thought they were good and loved the unique taste. My kids weren’t as thrilled with this snack after the decadent chocolate treat they had just gobbled down, but still nibbled a few chips. The added benefit of this snack is the fact that it is  gluten free, a perfect alternative to crackers or chips.


Besides the chocolate bar and cheese chips, YummyHealth® provides a variety of other healthy snacks including Peanut Butter Blast Bars, different flavors of the cheesy snack chips, and all natural, caffeine free soda.The snacks boast healthy ingredients and are both gluten free! The cheese chips have a boost of calcium and protein and the chocolate bars are filled with Omega 3s. A great alternative to the plethora of junk food snacks so readily available to our kids!
Interested? You can order YummyHealth® snacks by checking out their website, or LIKE them on Facebook.  

Give these healthy snacks a try, and bring something new and different to your snack table!


Disclosure: Our writers were provided Yummy Snacks for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are their own and no other compensation was received.
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